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New Facebook Easter Egg Chat Trick

The new feature on Facebook is known as Easter Egg of Facebook Avatar.

Facebook has recently started where users can create their own Facebook profile picture as a Facebook smiley. This also can be used to create Facebook fan pages smiley.
It’s simple just type in [[your id]] or [[username]]
Check the below video tutorial.

 Also there’s a new Facebook Like smiley. Type (Y)

Some old Facebook chat tricks.
To write text in bold.  Type *your text*
To write underline text. Type _your text_
 Note: - This works only in Facebook chat.

Check out the Facebook Cheat Codes too.
Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays with Google Doodle and Google’s Services

Google has gone this Christmas with its Season Greetings. It truly brought joy and happiness to my heart when I opened the Google front page and were greeted by a new Google Doodle.

This time the Google doodle display the Google Christmas Lights and Google Decorations that we have seen in the Google special Christmas Searches like when you search for “Christmas”, “Christmas Cards” and “Santa”

Also the new special Christmas search “Let it snow”.

Another Cools service Google Launched this week is the Gmail Send a Call from Santa. The Gmail powered service from Google allows you to send 
FreeSanta Christmas Card to your friends and your loved one’s! 

Enjoy this Christmas and Happy holidays everyone.
Saturday, December 24, 2011

Top 10 Password Cracking Tools

Today I am sharing, the top 10 password cracking software’s which are a must for hacker who is a beginner. Here is a collection of 10 best Password Crackers for cracking PDF Password, Zip File Password, RAR file passwords, Microsoft Office passwords, Web Browser Passwords, etc.

1. PDF Password Remover
PDF Password recovers lost passwords to password-protected PDF files (*.pdf). PDF Password also recovers user and permission passwords only. It does not allow to break the DRM (Digital Right Management) system.

2. Password Memory
The Password Memory 2010 application was designed to be the perfect password manager for you. Your passwords are encrypted using multiple algorithms to keep them secure. Your login details (username, password, etc.) can be searched and sorted fast easily.

3. Zip File Password Cracker
Atomic Zip Password Cracker is created to recover the lost or forgotten passwords for ZIP archives. It can quickly restore the password in several ways: the direct search and the dictionary attack.

4. SQL Password Remover
Kernel SQL Password Recovery is a MDF (Master Data File) password recovery software widely used to recover the lost or forgotten passwords from SQL Server 2000 password-protected database files (*.mdf). The software recovers all the passwords instantly despite the length and complexity of the password.

5. Microsoft Office Password Remover
This software helps recover or delete forgotten Microsoft Office document passwords. The software restores passwords of certain types instantly, plus the latest version of the software allows finding lost hard-cracked passwords seven times faster!

6. RAR File Password Cracker
RAR Password Recovery proved to be an effective way to uncover lost or forgotten passwords, but--as its name implies--it only works with one file type. Its straightforward, tabbed interface clearly represents the three main password recovery options: Brute-Force, Boost-Up, and Dictionary.

8. EXE File Password Recovery
EXE Password Protector is a powerful yet easy to use system utility that allows you to password-protect any Windows executable file in a few steps.

9. Asterisk Logger
Many applications, like CuteFTP, CoffeeCup Free FTP, VNC, IncrediMail, Outlook Express, and others, allows you to type a password for using it in the application. The typed password is not displayed on the screen, and instead of the real password, you see a sequence of asterisk ('****') characters. This utility can reveal the passwords stored behind the asterisks in standard password text-boxes.

10. Web Browser Pass View
Web Browser Pass View is a password recovery tool that reveals the passwords stored by the following Web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox (All Versions), Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. This tool can be used to recover your lost/forgotten password of any Website, including popular Web sites, like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and GMail, as long as the password is stored by your Web Browser.

More info on each of the tools provided in the download pack. Also, provided some other tools which will be helpful to you all. Click here to download the entire tool pack.
If you have any problem, feel free to comment. Enjoy…
Monday, December 19, 2011

Facebook Cover’s for your Facebook Profile

Facebook had announced the new feature of Facebook called “Timeline” long back in October 2011, it was available only for developers. It is a complete redesign of the user profiles on Facebook.
Now, that Facebook has enabled timeline for everyone it’s time that you spice up your profile by adding some cool Facebook cover images.

I have given you all some popular Timeline profile images below. You can simply upload those images to your profile. Right click and save the images to your computer and then upload it to your profile. Further, you can create your own profile image. But, make sure that your timeline profile images are 800 × 300 sized.

If you want more Facebook Cover Images then go to myfbcovers or timelinebanners or facebookprofilecovers.
Or just create your own custom cover @ covercanvas.

Go Spice Up your Facebook Profile now. If you need editing of any cover image or if you want a special cover for your profile. Feel free to comment.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Crack for all versions of Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages.
Improved FLV grabber to save videos from web players on YouTube, Google Video, MySpace TV, and other popular sites.

Follow these steps to register your IDM

2. Copy this patch file and Paste it in the IDM-internet download manager folder where you have installed it!

Note: By default path is: C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager

3. Now click the patch file to run it.
4. Click on the patch in patch program!
5. It’s Done! Check your IDM it will be Registered.
6. If you want update the IDM then after update repeat the Step 1 - Step 5.

Enjoy this lifetime IDM patch...
Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cheat Codes for Facebook

Most of you may be surprised to see some blank Facebook status and comments and some cool blue text too. Here I will show you five cool cheat codes for Facebook.

1) Write blank status on Facebook.

èIt’s simple, just type in this
@[0:0: ]
and press enter.

2) Write blank comments or blank chat message on Facebook.

èHold “Alt” key and press these digits “0173” and hit enter.

3) Write Blue color text on Facebook .

è Type the below code
@[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Type Here]]
Replace “Type Here” by your own text.

4) Write Blue color text and Redirect it to your Facebook ID or your friends Facebook ID.

è Type the below code
@@[0:[yourID:0:Your Text]]
Replace “yourID” by your Facebook ID or your friend’s Facebook ID and replace “Your Text” by your own text.  

Hint: - You can find your Facebook ID or your friend’s ID by doing this.
Go to your Facebook profile or your friend’s Facebook profile and replace the URL by adding
by this
Now you will get the ID.

5) If you want to publish your Page name then.

è Type the below code
Go to your Page and then just go to "Edit info" of Ur Page than Copy ID from URL and Replace it by “ID”

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Make any Video as your Wallpaper

I just recently found this trick and I set my video as my wallpaper on my PC.  And, guess what??  All my friends who came at my place were amazed. I will be describing step by step “How to set your video as your wallpaper.”

This trick is very simple; just follow these steps
1) First open Paint. (Start->All Programs->Accessories->Paint)
2) Now play the video that you want to set as your wallpaper.
3) Make sure that the video is playing in the full screen mode.
(I recommend VLC Player.)
4) While the video is playing in full screen mode, press “Print Screen” button from your keyboard.
5) Now paste the image in Paint and save the image as “Movie.png”.
6) Now set this image as your background wallpaper.

And now you will see your video playing on your background desktop. Now you can close the video, and play any other video of your choice. So when you open another video in your player. Play it full screen and then you minimize the player.
That’s it. Enjoy…

Note:-While carrying about the above steps do not close the player. 
Monday, November 14, 2011

Get free unlimited Skype Credits voucher codes

This is true and tested trick to earn free credit by me. I have collected up to 6.12Euros credit for international credit. Using this trick we can generate on Redeem Code of SKYPE you have to just put and you will get 1.02Euro one/time trick. We can perform this trick more than one time. So, you can get unlimited credits in Skype.

First, download these two software.
1) Go to Google and type “Hotspot Shield”. Click on the first link (official website) and download the free version.
2) Download the software to change your MAC address. Click here.

When you are using this trick first time do these things.
1) Install Hotspot shield.
3) Copy generated Skype credit code and follow the instruction on same page or
go to Skype REDEEM page from Here.

For Second time use
1) Open Rename Computer Software and fill two fields. First for your Computer name and Second for Your workgroup put it any alphabet character like comp name=abc and workgroup=abc and click on set.
2) Disconnect and reconnect your Hotspot Shield you will get new IP address. If this will not happen then Restart and rename your computer name and workgroup name.
4) Copy generated Skype credit code and follow the instruction on same page or go to Skype REDEEM page from Here.

Do this trick again and again you will get new Skype credit codes and check your account credit also increase after each time you use this trick. Every user can generate only one code but by changing MAC address we can generate code more than one time.

Here’s my credit history that I have got. 

Do this trick again and again you will get new Skype credit codes and check your account credit also increase after each time you use this trick. Every user can generate only one code but by changing MAC address we can generate code more than one time.

NOTE: If Skype generates the same code than manually change your PC and workgroup name, clear all cookies and then reconnect hotspot shield and regenerate. (Do this thing if you are really interested to earn 1.02euro in 1 second)

Enjoy and Please use wisely, and don't keep doing this trick again and again, as it will get stopped/patched and everyone will lose out.

Google plus Pages for your business is finally out

Well, they said they were working on it, and now it's finally out. Google Plus for businesses and brands is now a reality with the introduction of Google Plus Pages. Pages are basically the Google Plus version of Facebook Fan Pages, and give businesses a chance to claim a profile on the social network so they can interact with and engage their customers and fans.

Google Plus Pages allows every business big or small--from the mom and pop shops to the global brands--the chance to maintain a profile on Google Plus and use the service to communicate and interact with consumers.

Google is also releasing a new way to search for business profiles from Google Plus on the main Google search page, and it's called Direct Connect.
Just put a "+" and then the business name you want to find a Plus page for, and if it exists...
Google will take you right to it.
Here's a video about the new Direct Connect function:

Now your Google Plus Page will rank higher than your Facebook Fan Page.

Want to sign up? Go here.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Find product key of any Windows OS or any Software.

Today I will show you how to find out the product or license key of any Windows OS or of any Software. These are some tricks and utility software that allow you to find the product key.
Many a times when you purchase a new system you get OS and the other software’s installed, but when you need to format your system you lose the license of those products. So, this will help you to get the license key well in hand.

This below trick is applicable only if you have the Windows OS CD/DVD. It is a simple trick and easy way to get the CD Key of your Windows OS. Actually the Key of the CD is already present in it. So we can get back the key by following some simple steps. I recommend you to use this key. Because it comes with the original CD pack so it’s genuine.

Steps to find the product Key of Windows XP CD:-

1: First of all insert the Windows XP CD into your CD drive.
2: Now Explore the CD.
3: Now click on the folder named as I386.
4: Find the file UNATTEND.TXT and open it with Notepad or any Text Editor.
5: Scroll it to the last line and you will find the key.
 Note: It’s not working with the newer versions of Windows such as Windows 8 or Windows 7.

Here are some utilities that show you the product key of any Windows OS. I recommend ProduKey is a small utility that displays the Product ID and the CD-Key of Microsoft Office (Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010), Windows (Including Windows 7 and Windows Vista), Exchange Server, and SQL Server installed on your computer. You can view this information for your current running OS. This utility can be useful if you lost the product key of your Windows/Office, and you want to reinstall it on your computer.

I am providing both x86 and x64 utilities, based on your system 32bit or 64bit use them.
Download here.
Password: “inferno19” 

There also software that allows you the get product or license key of any software. Recover Keys is a simple yet comprehensive Windows application designed to safeguard activation keys for software products installed on your local or remote network computers in the event of a system or hard disk crash. But this software is paid, though you can try it for free.

So from now on you can say “No More Piracy”. For any queries do comment below. And do share among your friends. 
Friday, November 4, 2011


These are top 20 best and the most used extensions and apps dedicated to Google+ that I found until now in the chrome web store. These extensions will make a much better Google+ on your Chrome browser. If you have found other most interesting ones, just leave those in your comment. 

1. Extended Share (76,691 users) -
Extends Google+ to share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more.

2. +Photo Zoom (62,004 users) -
Easily zoom photos and profile pics from your Google Plus Stream.

3. Facebook Friend Exporter (49,917 users) -
Get your data contact out of Facebook to Google Contacts or CSV, whether they want you to or not.

4. Scroll To Top Button (44,249 users) -
Adds a scroll to top or bottom button.

5. Replies and more for G+ (40,013 users) -
Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments and a number of other enhancements.

6. Surplus (35,690 users) -
Google Plus Integration for Chrome

7. G+me (35,267 users) -
Collapses the Google+ stream while keeping live updates: collapses posts, hides comments, etc.

8. Google Translate for G+ (32,029 users) -
Translate your Google+ stream using integrated, inline, Google Translate support.

9. Usability Boost for G+ (25,527 users) -
Greatly improves readability on Google Plus, ability to star posts to read later and some other useful features

10. Google+ Ultimate (16,457 users) -
This extension for Google Plus adds functionatility and themeing for the site.

11. Google Plus Directory (14,329 users) -
Find your G+ is a Google Plus person directory, where you can meet new people, start making new friend circles and more for Google+

12. -1 Minus One for G+ (12,533 users) -
Minus one (-1) button in Google+ (Post & Comment), Notifications.

13. More for Google Plus (9,095 users) -
Loads more content as you reach the bottom of the Google+ page.

14. Google+ Tweaks (7,724 users) -
Tweaks to the layout and features of Google+ (Google "Plus") Full width, thumbnails only, etc.

15. Helper for Google+ (6,805 users) -
Add extra functions the Google+. Get desktop notifications on new posts. Share Posts via twitter. Translate posts with Google Translate. Bookmark posts faster for reading later (also to Linked #hashtags. Search in posts and profiles directly from your omnibox.

16. Notification Count for G+ (6,787 users) -
Extension for displaying unread notification count for Google Plus 

17. Uncircle+ (6,446 users) -
Google+: Find and Remove Inactive People in Selected/All Circles. Inactivity = No Public/Private Posts At All or Since a Chosen Date 

18. G+ Count in Title (5,267 users) -
Adds notification count to the document title in the page tab.

19. +Everything (4,478 users) -
Adds the Google+ bar to all websites.

20. Auto-Colorizer for G+ (4,220 users) -
Colorizes Google+ and Facebook based on the user's photo.

Also check out:
Hacks on Google+ -
Track your Google+ statistics -

Please share this to all the Google+ users.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Create animated gif's for Google+ from YouTube videos

Here, I will show you how you can turn your favorite YouTube video to animated gif. Since Google+ supports .gif images, most of the posts on Google+ are filled with animated gif.

This can be done within 3 easy steps without downloading any software.
1) First go to YouTube  and find a small video that you want to convert. Then copy the video url.

2) Then head to Cellsea and paste then url or you can even upload your own video there.  And then click upload, you will be redirected to a page, where you have give a name and a category for the video. Then you trim the part of video that you want as an animated gif. Then click edit video, save it and download it.

3) Finally go to Gifninja and upload that video. Then you can adjust the speed of the gif. Add a title and then click built it. Then download the animated gif image. Also through Gifninja you can also select multiple images and create your own gif.

Now head to Google+ and upload your animated gif.

Note:- The longer the video, the larger will be the size of gif and longer it will take to animate.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to increase your YouTube video views?

Just using your default settings provided by YouTube, you won’t get subscribers and people to watch your videos. Viewers nowadays go for looks and the number of views the video has. So, I will show you two ways to increase your YouTube video views.

1) Create your own theme
Start creating your own theme, first go to PimpMyChannel. Here you will find some awesome abstract and creamy templates which you can download and use.
Here there will be some themes that are (Panda Ready) which is the new look YouTube i.e. Cosmic Panda which is currently being beta tested. These are the themes that support both the interfaces.

Then just download and upload it to your YouTube background, you will find that option in themes and colors-> advanced options. Then some of the themes will have extra layout settings. So, now you just got to match them to your YouTube’s general settings. And done, you created all new look for your YouTube channel.

2) YouTube views
This is a software that increase your YouTube views indirectly, if you don’t have much visitors/viewers to your channel. This is kind of necessary for youtuber’s who are beginners i.e. who have recently created a YouTube channel.

Just go to u2bviews and register an account. Then download the app that they provide and let the app surf and earn credits. Next you go to My Videos and add your YouTube video link and use the credits to boost your YouTube video views.

Also check out this link.
Sunday, October 2, 2011

Google Hacks and Tricks Using G Search

We all use Google for searching but it’s time to explore the hacks of Google. Here I have collected the top Google tricks that will amaze you. Some of the tricks are provided by Google itself while others have been developers. Some of these tricks may be old for and some may be new for you.

Google For Hackers
  •             Go to
  •          Type : Google l33t
  •             Click on I’m feeling Lucky
  •              Enjoy.

Find Songs For Free
If you want the song: Never Gone by Backstreet Boys
Search: intitle:"index.of" (mp3|wav) never.gone
Now just look in the results for something like: "Never Gone - Backstreet Boys "
You can also change the file type inside the parentheses to whatever you like, but make sure there are "."s between each word

Hidden Google Game

  •            Go to
  •          Type : Google Easter
  •           Click on I’m feeling Lucky
  •           Enjoy.
Gothic Google

  •           Go to
  •          Type : Google Goth
  •           Click on I’m feeling Lucky
  •            Enjoy.
It's like a gothic Google, but it doesn't have much pages (it searches approx. 10,000 pages)

Find Live Web Cams
  • Go to
  • Type Unprotected webcams
  •  Click on I’m feeling Lucky
Or Search: inurl:/view/index.shtml
Now just click on any result to view the camera. Some don't work, but others let you pan or zoom. And usually you have to install AXIS Media Control (it’s safe). 
More URL’s to try live cams. Download this file.

Scare your friends

  •     Go to
  •          Type : mov0001.swf
  •            Click on I’m feeling Lucky
  •             Enjoy.

Google gravity
  • Go to
  • Type Google Gravity
  • Click on I’m feeling Lucky
  • Enjoy.
Change Background Image
  • Go to
  • Click on the Change Background Image
  • Only thing is that you will have to login to your Google account and then upload the image.
Epic Google
  •  Go to
  • Type Epic Google
  • Click on I’m feeling Lucky
  • Enjoy.
Annoying Google
  • Go to
  • Type Annoying Google
  • Click on I’m feeling Lucky
  • Enjoy.
Google Pacman
  • Go to
  • Type Google Pacman
  • Click on I’m feeling Lucky
  • Enjoy.
Find key or serial of any software through Google
  • Go to
  • Type this syntax in search bar " 94FBR"
  • Replace Product name with desired software and leave a space then type 94FBR
Example: 94fbr office 2010 or   “Photoshop 14” 94fbr
Now you receive many pages which contain serial no, cracks, patches.
Just make a try, this simple trick works for many people.

Multiple Google Search 4
  • Click here.
  • Search whatever you want at one page.
  • Even you can surf multiple sites by clicking on green arrow at the top of each Google-frame.
  • It will ask for "What URL would you like to go to?"
  • Enter url & then click OK.

Enjoy Google Hacks & Tricks and share with your friends.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


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