Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Well, they said they were working on it, and now it's finally out. Google Plus for businesses and brands is now a reality with the introduction of Google Plus Pages. Pages are basically the Google Plus version of Facebook Fan Pages, and give businesses a chance to claim a profile on the social network so they can interact with and engage their customers and fans.

Google Plus Pages allows every business big or small--from the mom and pop shops to the global brands--the chance to maintain a profile on Google Plus and use the service to communicate and interact with consumers.

Google is also releasing a new way to search for business profiles from Google Plus on the main Google search page, and it's called Direct Connect.
Just put a "+" and then the business name you want to find a Plus page for, and if it exists...
Google will take you right to it.
Here's a video about the new Direct Connect function:

Now your Google Plus Page will rank higher than your Facebook Fan Page.

Want to sign up? Go here.


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