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Facebook Image Chat Code Maker

Facebook image chat code maker is a converter that converts image to an image to display in Facebook chat box.

Previously, I had posted on How to Add life to your Facebook Chat. So here’s how you go about it.

It's easy to use & simple web site.
You can upload your favorite image/pictures to Facebook chat codes maker & get your image code. Then paste it in your chat box and amaze your friends.

1. Go to
2. Upload your Image.
3. Generate your code.
4. Paste the code to Facebook Chat.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

FUD Binder: How to bind a Keylogger or Virus to any exe

FUD sands for Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
. A Binder is file joiner software which performs the job of combining two files (usually exe files) in one file. Most file joiners or Binders are detectable to antiviruses and hence the resultant binded file also becomes detectable. Iexpress is free windows utility which I am gonna show how to use it.

Usually, whenever you want to hack your victim’s password, you have to send your victim a Keylogger or a virus or a worm, the actual server.exe file is easily detectable. So you bind it with any software and send it to the victim. Now, the binded server is not visible to victim. Whenever the victim will run the binded file on his computer, the server will get installed in background. Victim would not have any knowledge of the server and it will appear to him that only .exe file is running.

How to use Iexpress Binder?
1. Go to Start, then Run and type- “iexpress” and hit on OK.

2. Create new SED (Save Self Extraction Directive), Hit on Next twice. In “Package Title”, enter the name of the software with which you are going to bind your server (keylogger or virus).
Example: - I am binding my Ardamax remote keylogger server with Teracopy. So, I’ll enter Teracopy.

3. In Confirmation Prompt, hit on “Prompt User with” and enter something like this:

“Windows will install necessary files. Please disable your Antivirus before further installation proceeds.”
“Please disable your Antivirus before further installation proceeds. As this software performs a pre-crack.”

So, whenever the victim will run our binded file, he will get a message alert to disable his antivirus. This step helps us in bypassing antivirus detection. Hit on Next twice.

4. You will come to “Packaged files” interface. Hit on Add and select the two files you want to bind. Hit on Next.

5. Now, this one is important. In Install Program to launch pane, select the files as
Install Program: Select your server (keylogger or virus) file.
Post Install Command: Select your software (.exe file) with which you want to bind the server.

6. Hit on Next and select “Hidden”. Click on Next twice.

7. In Package Name and Options, hit on Browse and select the path where you want to save the binded file. Also, check “Hide File Extracting Animation from User” and hit on Next.

8. In Configure Restart, select “No Restart” and hit on Next. In SED, select “Don’t save” and hit on Next twice. Iexpress will start binding file for you. Finally, hit on Finish to complete the binding process.

Thus, you have now binded your server to .exe file. Now, simply send this binded file to your victim and ask him to run your binded file on his computer. Once he disables his antivirus, your server will get installed and you can easily hack his email password. The best part of Iexpress file joiner binder is that it is going to remain FUD forever because it is a windows utility. Also, Iexpress file joiner does not corrupt your server.

Share your reactions in comments. I am always here to help you. Enjoy Iexpress file joiner to bind server to exe file.

Google April Fools on Chrome, Maps and on Youtube

Today (1st April) is the April Fool Day, our famous Google has turned naughty on this April Fool and prepared many funny things for you.

Chrome Multitasking Mode
The first came to my attention is the “Chrome multitask mode” video in Google+.  In this video, the “Google employee” claims that you can use more than 1 mice at a time on the same screen. Try it now.

8-bit Google Maps

Is this an April fool prank or a permanent feature?  Today if you go to Google Maps, you will see a box telling you the 8-bit version is released. Click on Quest to see the 8-bit version of Google Map.

YouTube Collection

The final amazing product is YouTube Collection. You can watch YouTube videos offline by ordering YouTube videos in DVDs delivered to your home.  A vast variety of collections with different themes are available, you gotta check this out.

All of the above have created a great hoax on Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing sites. So on this April Fool’s Day keep pranking your friends. Enjoy…

Sunday, April 1, 2012


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