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Add Life to your Facebook Chat with Color

Are you bored of traditional chat on Facebook and want some fun where you can bring your text to live. Then here i will tell you how to do this. So to generate some fun I am giving you some codes, with which you can write with colors in Facebook chat.
The codes are not at all difficult, you just need to copy a particular code for every alphabet to your chat window and it’s done. 

The above screen shows “INFERNO” written with the same color codes. It will be a great fun when you do this with your friend and amaze them.

Just copy the alphabets one by one, inserting a space between every alphabet.

Click here to view all the alphabet color codes.

Or if you don’t want to take any trouble, there’s a site called MakeCool that provides free customization. Where you have to just type your message and you get the code.

Enjoy Facebook chatting…
Monday, January 23, 2012

Access Facebook without Internet on any of your Mobile

Facebook is become a living necessity for every person in the world. No Facebook means No life with your friends on Facebook.

To access Facebook all we need an internet connection via PC or GPRS enabled Mobile. But what to do if you don’t have a GPRS, Edge or 3G compatible phone or you don’t have any internet pack subscribed or forgot to renew your internet pack.

Here, today I am posting a trick to access Facebook without the need of PC or GPRS enabled Phone.

Facebook by Fonetwish brings the power of internet to every mobile phone. No data connections, no applications all you need to do is dial *325# (or *fbk#) from your mobile phone, then enter your Facebook username and password and you are in.  And you can access almost all the features on Facebook which you normally do on your browser.

The following are the features which fonetwish brings to you.

Fonetwish service is currently only available for Airtel, Aircel, Idea and Tata Docomo network users in India. You just have to pay a subscription fee of 1.00 per day for unlimited usage; it’s quite a reasonable price. Video demo.

Now connect to Facebook anytime, anywhere without Internet on any mobile phone. And trust me I still own a Nokia 1100 and I have tried it on it and it works.
Monday, January 16, 2012

Facebook's "Listen With" Music Play

Facebook recently announced a new feature “Listen With” in Facebook chat where you can listen to songs with your friends.

There are number of ways you can listen to music on Facebook. To make things easy, Facebook Music dashboard lists currently trending music tracks in your region. This listing is powered by external online music providers like MySpace, Saavan and so on.

Besides checking this listing, you can also listen to music with friends on and websites (these are supported by Facebook as of now) by adding these Facebook apps to your Facebook account. Also, you can control these apps posting activity on your timeline profile using audience selector and activity log options.

Start listening to music, your name is Facebook chat box will have ‘Music Note’ symbol next to it. Other friends can click your name in chat box (with music note symbol) and then click “Listen with” button to start listening same music as enjoyed by other friend on Facebook.

However, Spotify and Rdio are available only in few countries, so all Facebook users across the Globe can’t use this “Listen With” feature. Although, there are rumors that soon Facebook is going to add more Partners.

Though, Facebook has come with this new Music feature after their Timeline released in December, 11. I feel this idea of Music “Listen With” is copied from Google+. Google+ already has Google Music and also you can watch YouTube video’s together with your friends in a hangout. And not forgetting the YouTube Playlist on Google+.

So to conclude, I say there’s a social war for Media (Music, Video etc.) with the social networks. 
Sunday, January 15, 2012

ADrive Free 50GB Hard Disk In Network

ADrive is a new online storage service. If you have photos, videos, music and non-confidential documents you want to save, you can use ADrive to keep a backup copy online, useful in case of data loss or problems with your disks.

With robust security and plenty of storage space, ADrive is a decent online storage service that executes its main function of online data storage superbly. The service lacks some of the features and in-depth functionality you’d find on some of other higher-ranked online storage services, but a unique integrated editor and strong focus on security make ADrive a compelling option.

  • There are features of society such as
  • There are no tools for uploading, but everything happens from web interface.
  • There are no tools for automatic backup.
  • Java is necessary to use web interface to upload.
  • 50GB is plenty of room.
  • The ability to upload entire folders.
  • The speed of upload / download is very good
  • The interface is simple, clear and immediate
  • You can share individual files.
  • A built-in editor that allows you to edit documents without downloading them on any computer.

Sign up today for your ADrive account.
Saturday, January 14, 2012

Protect your Social Accounts with BitDefender Safego

The threats of viruses on social networks, as demonstrated by the latest attack by hackers on Facebook, is one of the most debated issues. If you do not have valid antivirus software you can be in problems. Just open an infected file and the problems begin. E.g.:- Spam site or Facebook links that say “You won’t dare to see this.” And many more such links.

And social networks are certainly not immune to malicious software.  Users, in fact, must pay careful attention to applications installed on it and click on such links.

The presence of a virus with specific functions for ad-hoc social networks is therefore recommended. Especially for inexperienced (dumb) users.

With today's post, I would refer you Safege BitDefender, a good antivirus developed specifically for social networks, able to protect both your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Its use is simple and intuitive, because once you have access to its homepage (the link is BitDefender Safego bottom of the post), you must decide between protecting social networks Facebook and Twitter.

In the next step you will be asked permission for the use and application, following the appearance of a page offers various information about your profile.

After launching the application, you must verify the presence of infected items whether to display the green checkmarks mean that everything is in order. On the left side of your screen, you can see a lot of information, such as statistics and privacy. The last entry will indicate whether there are any abnormalities, note being scanned. To make a new control, you need to do a simple click on the "New Control ".

In short, Safego BitDefender lets you choose the type of protection you have to have on Facebook / Twitter with a lot of careful analysis of their profile, for viruses, malicious links and potential spam messages.

On a personal note, Bitdefender Safego is an interesting resource for protecting personal data and privacy along with your own social network and is compatible with any device including smartphones and tablets.

Start protecting your accounts now. Link to use:  BitdefenderSafego
Sunday, January 8, 2012 a HTML5 Browser Based Editor is a browser-based editor for HTML5, JavaScript and other modern browser technologies. It lets you run your code in the browser and you can fork other people's code too.

It offers both, vivid environment for developers to showcase their trendy works on JavaScript and HTML5, as well as community to share their codes and learn from each other. That's why they call their community 'a coding avenue'.

Those who are developers this site will be a great potential to them. And those interested in open web and open source and from time to time, I stumble upon this kind of brilliant and potent open source resources / platforms.

Take a tour to yourself. You can also test your skills of HTML5 through their CAT (Coding Assignment Test).

Most of the HTML5 developers at are Japanese. It is still a small place on the web with about 10,000 users who are Japanese mainly. 

Example: Check this out. 

Also the HTML5 Fireworks.
Monday, January 2, 2012

Official Facebook Messenger for Windows

Facebook has done it finally a messenger for Windows OS. The massively popular social network has brought Facebook Messenger IM feature to Windows as a desktop download. Facebook is fighting fire with fire by releasing an official version of the download which you can get here through a direct download. Facebook Messenger has been available as a mobile app for some time but this is the first (official) release for a Windows desktop.

The Windows app looks almost identical to the chat bar on Users can permanently dock the chat bar on their home screen or access chat via the Windows system tray. Its shows you all your notifications, the people online and also the real-time live ticker updates. During chat with a person a separate window appears as below one.

You can also dock the messenger to the right.But it doesn’t support video or voice calling though these features will have to be added if Facebook wants to stay competitive.
Sunday, January 1, 2012


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