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Domain Hacking...

In this post I will tell you about how the domain names are hacked and how they can be protected. The act of hacking domain names is commonly known as Domain Hacking. For most of you, the term “domain hacking” may seem to be like an alien. So let me first tell you what domain hijacking is all about.
Domain hacking is a process by which Internet Domain Names are stolen from it’s legitimate owners. Domain hijacking is also known as domain theft. Before we can proceed to know how to hijack domain names, it is necessary to understand how the domain names operate and how they get associated with a particular web server (website).

The operation of domain name is as follows

Any website say for example consists of two parts. The domain name( and the web hosting server where the files of the website are actually hosted. In reality, the domain name and the web hosting server (web server) are two different parts and hence they must be integrated before a website can operate successfully. The integration of domain name with the web hosting server is done as follows.
1. After registering a new domain name, we get a control panel where in we can have a full control of the domain. 
2. From this domain control panel, we point our domain name to the web server where the website’s files are actually hosted.
For a clear understanding let me take up a small example.
John registers a new domain “” from an X domain registration company. He also purchases a hosting plan from Y hosting company. He uploads all of his files (.html, .php, javascripts etc.) to his web server (at Y). From the domain control panel (of X) he configures his domain name “” to point to his web server (of Y). Now whenever an Internet user types “”, the domain name “” is resolved to the target web server and the web page is displayed. This is how a website actually works.

What happens when a domain is hacked

Now let’s see what happens when a domain name is hijacked. To hack a domain name you just need to get access to the domain control panel and point the domain name to some other web server other than the original one. So to hijack a domain you need not gain access to the target web server.
For example, a hacker gets access to the domain control panel of  “”. From here the hacker re-configures the domain name to point it to some other web server (Z). Now whenever an Internet user tries to access “” he is taken to the hacker’s website (Z) and not to John’s original site (Y).
In this case the John’s domain name ( is said to be hijacked.

Friday, July 30, 2010
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Gmail Hack : Using one gmail id with different aliases

Well this is not a new thing which i am going to post here and i have been using this method from last 2 years but today when D3 posted this in oug i thought i should share it here with you people also.

You can use your one gmail to make different accounts at forums etc.
ofcourse there are some temp mail services but they are usually black listed

so here goes.

If your email address is then you can use it like

1. – the normal one
2. – googlemail one
3. – add dots, add dots at differnt places to make different combinations
4. – add a + and after that write anything.
Saturday, July 24, 2010
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Unthinkable Hacking Techniques !!!

Hi Guys ! I am posting this article for those who use pirated softwares. Because this is the time to stop using pirated softwares. You can't even imagine what your loss can be if you are using your PC for professional purposes. 

Usually we download softwares from various forums/boards which provides cracks or keygens. These keygens are not only keygens but most of the time small server programs (hack tool) which transfers your sensitive data over internet to someone. If you are using Windows Firewall , it is quite easy to bypass the windows firewall. you won;t be able to know that your data is being sent over the internet. and Same thing goes for the CRACKS also. Spreading trojans is quite easy by providing game cracks or some full screen applications. Because user won't be able to know what is going on behind the fullscreen. So beware of using cracks and keygens. Your antivirus may or may not detect such malware. Now a days viruses are created more rapidly than detected.
Sunday, July 18, 2010
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Free 10 Attractive Blogger Templates

Here are the best Blogger Templates , chosen by . If you have any questions about these templates , like how to set it, how to change this or similar , don’t be afraid to ask.

1) Magasin Uno
2) Natural Health
3) Bcute
4) GameZine
5) Windows 7
Friday, July 16, 2010

How To Use USB Flash Drives As A RAM

You might be probably searching for such software that can convert your 4 GB USB flash drive to usable RAM. I am going to guide you through the steps and tools that will be using your USB storage as a RAM. Though windows supports virtual paging file which uses your harddisk as a temporary RAM. But if you are working on notebook with lower RAM then Virtual RAM will boost up the harddisk usage. Finally dropping your battery life.
Therefore, using your USB storage device as RAM can be one of the best alternative for your real RAM.
First of all, you’ll need to download this file, Eboostr (Trial Version) or Eboostr (Full Version from torrent ).
Now you’ve one of the above file downloaded to your computer. Install it with default settings.
After installation, it is compulsary to reboot your computer.
Insert your USB flash drive first then open eBoostr from start menu.
In the program window, go to Edit > Add new cache device

How To Hack Passwords...

Looking easy way to hack passwords? Hacking passwords or monitoring who your partner talks with on the internet has never been easier. This is truely a 1-minute-set-up software, that records litterarely EVERYTHING typed into your PC.
If you dont have any prior knowledge of how to hack your computer, EuroCron Spy+ is the software you need. This is easiest way to hack email, chat, yahoo & msn messenger passwords and similar.
Just download and press enter, THATS IT!


Fake Virus!!!

Want to prank your friends and shutdown their computer? Look here to see how. NOTE:it just shuts down it doesn't kill memory, programs, ETC. Please comment. thanks!

 step 1

Ok if you want to be as diabolical and evil as me, here is what you do. First, right click on your desktop and click new shortcut
step 2 
Type Location of the Program
Ok, now you must type the location of the program. there should be a blank new icon and another window shall open. in the text box within the window type... shutdown (space) -s (space) -t (space) (seconds you want to give the person before their computer starts to shutdown) (space) -c (space) (start quotation mark) (message you want to give them when the countdown seq…

step 3 
Name the Program
Now it should ask you to name the icon. the name will show up to whoever you send it to and it will also be seen on your desktop. if this is for a prank that you will send to someone else then i suggest you name it like a game or a real program. NOTE:you will need to be able to find the picture of the game/program you say later. so if you put Frogger (classic game) you …


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