Thursday, May 31, 2012

The best way of hacking victim’s passwords of Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and other sites, is by installing remote keylogger on his computer.  This is the easiest method for hacking Facebook and other email account passwords. No doubt, it is used by most hackers. Today I will demonstrate how to create a remote keylogger and the ways to send it to them.

Things you Need: -

2. Ftp account - Create a free ftp account from here or here.
                         Use any of your email accounts.
3. Crypter and Binder Software - To disable antivirus detection.
    Stealth Crypter v4.0 -  Download

1. Right click Ardamax keylogger icon and select Remote Installation, click next.
2. Now in appearance, select log viewer and click next.
3. Now in invisibility, check all the boxes and click next.
4. Now in security, click “enable” and enter a password so that no one can open the keylogger.
5. In options, you can set a date for self-destruct if you want and then click next.
6. In control, check “sends logs every” and set your time say 60 minutes , Then select  your delivary method. (FTP, E-mail or Network) and click next.

If E-mail is set as delivery then, enter your email address along with your password. Then click “test”.

Now, if you have received a mail means it works fine.

If FTP is set as delivery then, enter the ftp host, username, password and the remote folder. Then click “test”.

Now, if you have received a log message means it works fine.

7. Now in control, adjust the settings of each and then click next.
8. In destination, select the directory where you want to save the keylogger. You can change the icon too and click next.

9. Then simply say finish.

Now to bypass anti viruses we need to bind and crypt the file, So to do this open Stealth crypter software.

Now select file 1 as the server file (key logger file which you created) and then select file 2 as any application, select a good application finally click Crypt file, Now you will get a crypted server file ( key logger file ) which is FUD. Or use this inbuilt binder of Windows.

Now just send this file to your friend or victim. You can send this file by email or remotely or with any third party device. Once the victim clicks the application,  Ardamax keylogger will  automatically install and will send logs to your account.

If you have any trouble or any queries, comment and let me know. Like and share this page.
Enjoy hacking.


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