Monday, November 14, 2011

I just recently found this trick and I set my video as my wallpaper on my PC.  And, guess what??  All my friends who came at my place were amazed. I will be describing step by step “How to set your video as your wallpaper.”

This trick is very simple; just follow these steps
1) First open Paint. (Start->All Programs->Accessories->Paint)
2) Now play the video that you want to set as your wallpaper.
3) Make sure that the video is playing in the full screen mode.
(I recommend VLC Player.)
4) While the video is playing in full screen mode, press “Print Screen” button from your keyboard.
5) Now paste the image in Paint and save the image as “Movie.png”.
6) Now set this image as your background wallpaper.

And now you will see your video playing on your background desktop. Now you can close the video, and play any other video of your choice. So when you open another video in your player. Play it full screen and then you minimize the player.
That’s it. Enjoy…

Note:-While carrying about the above steps do not close the player. 


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