Saturday, October 15, 2011

Here, I will show you how you can turn your favorite YouTube video to animated gif. Since Google+ supports .gif images, most of the posts on Google+ are filled with animated gif.

This can be done within 3 easy steps without downloading any software.
1) First go to YouTube  and find a small video that you want to convert. Then copy the video url.

2) Then head to Cellsea and paste then url or you can even upload your own video there.  And then click upload, you will be redirected to a page, where you have give a name and a category for the video. Then you trim the part of video that you want as an animated gif. Then click edit video, save it and download it.

3) Finally go to Gifninja and upload that video. Then you can adjust the speed of the gif. Add a title and then click built it. Then download the animated gif image. Also through Gifninja you can also select multiple images and create your own gif.

Now head to Google+ and upload your animated gif.

Note:- The longer the video, the larger will be the size of gif and longer it will take to animate.


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