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Google IP ban then all the way to access Google services

Hi friends I have several days of crippling google internet ip blocking my view the solution reached by the method of problem today, in fact, a method we all know, a little configuration, hosts are able to access all Google services without interruption. Not only that google searches which fitted the cause of the address engelinide are lifting so that your calls are inserted from happening, and the results to propose, you mean you properties of reuse can be whatever prolix without you this trouble recovered from a let.
\ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc directory and get into [the secret files, view open and known file extensions, hide the feature you remove (the folder options menu)] hosts file in notepad with the open and your localhost line to the bottom.
Thursday, August 26, 2010

Top 5 Websites To Learn How To Hack Like A Pro

hackerWhether you’re a college student, a middle-aged networking guru or a wife and mother fascinated by the world of online games – everyone occasionally comes across a situation where some form of hacking would make life a whole lot easier.
Maybe you’ve lost the license that came with your legitimate software package that you paid for. Maybe you want to make a backup copy of your favorite DVD movie, but there’s copy-protection encoded onto the disk. Or maybe you’re just stuck on a popular online game and you want to know if there are any hacks available to level up in the game without the required effort.
Whatever your specific needs or situation – I’m not here to judge. In the field of computers and Internet technologies, just about everything is written in one programming language or another. No programmer is perfect – they all make mistakes. There are back doors, secret codes and vulnerabilities in just about any application you come across. Because of that, if you learn how to hack on your own, or just following the efforts of active hacking communities can provide you with tremendous eye-opening insight into the inner-workings of even your most “trusted” software applications.

Where You Can Go To Learn How To Hack Like a Pro

One thing that’s obvious when you visit the websites where professional hackers hang out – there’s so much about programming that even the most seasoned professional programmers don’t know. Professional hackers are an exceptional, amazing and terrible breed of individuals all packaged into one. While I write this, I realize that I am also describing over half of our readership – you know who you are! These folks take programming to an extreme that’s simply astounding when you see it in action.
While many of us write applications using all of the standard techniques that you learn in programming classes in college, these folks take programming into a realm where there are no rules. They can test all aspects of an application until they find a chink in the armor, and then exploit those vulnerabilities.
As we explore the world of hacking, it should be noted that there are two major forms of hacking – we’ll call it “white hat” and “black hat.” The “white hat” hackers call themselves “ethical hackers,” in that they find vulnerabilities and exploits only to make the programming and application communities more secure for everyone. However, there’s a whole other community of hackers who find vulnerabilities to do nothing more than exploit them as much as humanly possible. Now that you know what sort of community you may be entering, let’s get on with the list of top sites where you can learn how to hack.

#1 – CyberXtreme: Hacking and Warez

CyberXtreme is an impressive forum with a significant hacking section, but also entire sections on technology, graphics and even a tech support area. Here you’ll find cracks, secret codes, free download packages (some containing cracked software which may be illegal to download in your area, so be careful). The forum is very protective of its content, so you’ll have to register with a valid email address before you can even get a glimpse of the content that’s on the forums.
learn how to hack
The hacking section is very detailed and, as shown above, includes not only free tools and software exploits, but if you want to learn some coding tricks from the resident hacking gurus, just enter the “Coding & Programming” forum and you’ll get your fill. Before long you’ll be writing up your own customized hacking tools!
Saturday, August 21, 2010
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Blue Screen Virus Creation 1.0

For all those who use a computer there`s nothing worse than the appearance of the blue Windows screen announcing a fatal system error indicating that something has gone horribly wrong inside your PC (and that from this moment on your PC won`t work). 

Blue Screen Virus Creation 1.0 is a joke of doubtful humour to play on your friends (or better, your enemies) that simulates those circumstances of fatal system errors using the famous blue screen... 

Friday, August 6, 2010


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