Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just using your default settings provided by YouTube, you won’t get subscribers and people to watch your videos. Viewers nowadays go for looks and the number of views the video has. So, I will show you two ways to increase your YouTube video views.

1) Create your own theme
Start creating your own theme, first go to PimpMyChannel. Here you will find some awesome abstract and creamy templates which you can download and use.
Here there will be some themes that are (Panda Ready) which is the new look YouTube i.e. Cosmic Panda which is currently being beta tested. These are the themes that support both the interfaces.

Then just download and upload it to your YouTube background, you will find that option in themes and colors-> advanced options. Then some of the themes will have extra layout settings. So, now you just got to match them to your YouTube’s general settings. And done, you created all new look for your YouTube channel.

2) YouTube views
This is a software that increase your YouTube views indirectly, if you don’t have much visitors/viewers to your channel. This is kind of necessary for youtuber’s who are beginners i.e. who have recently created a YouTube channel.

Just go to u2bviews and register an account. Then download the app that they provide and let the app surf and earn credits. Next you go to My Videos and add your YouTube video link and use the credits to boost your YouTube video views.

Also check out this link.

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