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Hack Facebook, Yahoo and Gmail accounts Remotely

The best way of hacking victim’s passwords of Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and other sites, is by installing remote keylogger on his computer.  This is the easiest method for hacking Facebook and other email account passwords. No doubt, it is used by most hackers. Today I will demonstrate how to create a remote keylogger and the ways to send it to them.

Things you Need: -

2. Ftp account - Create a free ftp account from here or here.
                         Use any of your email accounts.
3. Crypter and Binder Software - To disable antivirus detection.
    Stealth Crypter v4.0 -  Download

1. Right click Ardamax keylogger icon and select Remote Installation, click next.
2. Now in appearance, select log viewer and click next.
3. Now in invisibility, check all the boxes and click next.
4. Now in security, click “enable” and enter a password so that no one can open the keylogger.
5. In options, you can set a date for self-destruct if you want and then click next.
6. In control, check “sends logs every” and set your time say 60 minutes , Then select  your delivary method. (FTP, E-mail or Network) and click next.

If E-mail is set as delivery then, enter your email address along with your password. Then click “test”.

Now, if you have received a mail means it works fine.

If FTP is set as delivery then, enter the ftp host, username, password and the remote folder. Then click “test”.

Now, if you have received a log message means it works fine.

7. Now in control, adjust the settings of each and then click next.
8. In destination, select the directory where you want to save the keylogger. You can change the icon too and click next.

9. Then simply say finish.

Now to bypass anti viruses we need to bind and crypt the file, So to do this open Stealth crypter software.

Now select file 1 as the server file (key logger file which you created) and then select file 2 as any application, select a good application finally click Crypt file, Now you will get a crypted server file ( key logger file ) which is FUD. Or use this inbuilt binder of Windows.

Now just send this file to your friend or victim. You can send this file by email or remotely or with any third party device. Once the victim clicks the application,  Ardamax keylogger will  automatically install and will send logs to your account.

If you have any trouble or any queries, comment and let me know. Like and share this page.
Enjoy hacking.
Thursday, May 31, 2012

Incredibox - Digital Beatbox

Incredibox an application to create beat box and share in their social networks, which was apparently made ​​with Adobe Flash.
If you need a way to jam out, what better way to de-stress than to digital human beatbox? The musical webtoy Incredibox lets you drag and drop vocals, beats, and more onto a group of cartoon performers to arrange your own funky compositions. It's simple, fun, and a stylish way to show your talents.

There's not a tremendous amount of complexity to it, but Incredibox's style, vibe, and remarkable creativity make for a great way to kick back and relax with some hands-on musical ingenuity. Once done you can record it save and then you can share it with your social friends and amaze them.

Once you try out all the sounds. You get to watch the bonus pack 2 and later on bonus pack 3, if you get the right combination of 2. To unlock the bonus pack just click on every sound and record them, no need to listen.

Launch Incredibox now. Have fun.

Here are some composes. Check them out.
Link Music 1
Link Music 2
Link Music 3

Also fans have created so many videos on YouTube. Enjoy creating your own beat box music.
Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ardamax Keylogger - Invisible Keylogger Full Version

Ardamax Keylogger is the tool that logs the all the Keystrokes, URL’s, Chats, Snapshots, Webcam Pic’s etc. It Captures users Activity in a Computer and creates an encrypted log file. That encrypted log file Viewed with the Log Viewer.

Features Of Ardamax Keylogger :-

Email log delivery - keylogger can send you recorded logs through e-mail delivery at set times - perfect for remote monitoring!

FTP delivery
 - Ardamax Keylogger can upload recorded logs through FTP delivery.

Network delivery
 - sends recorded logs through via LAN.

Clipboard logging - capture all text copied to the Windows Clipboard.

Invisible mode
 makes it absolutely invisible to anyone. Ardamax Keylogger is not visible in the task bar, system tray, Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 Task Manager, process viewers (Process Explorer, WinTasks etc.), Start Menu and Windows Startup list.

Visual surveillance
 - periodically makes screenshots and stores the compressed images to log.

Chat monitoring
 - Ardamax Keylogger is designed to record and monitor both sides of a conversation in chats.

Security - allows you to protect program settings, Hidden Mode and Log file.

Application monitoring
 - keylogger will record the application that was in use that received the keystroke!

Time/Date tracking
 - it allows you to pinpoint the exact time a window received a keystroke!

Powerful Log Viewer
 - you can view and save the log as a HTML page or plain text with keylogger Log Viewer.

Small size 
– Ardamax Keylogger is several times smaller than other programs with the same features. It has no additional modules and libraries, so its size is smaller and the performance is higher.
Ardamax Keylogger fully supports Unicode characters which make it possible to record keystrokes that include characters from Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and many other character sets.
It records every keystroke. Captures passwords and all other invisible text.

Although the software is paid I am providing you the software with keys. That too, the latest version
Ardamax Keylogger 3.9.

Download:- from here, 3 different serial keys are provided all work.
Or download the fully patched version from here, please read the "Read me" file to install this.

If you want to uninstall this key logger via Control panel it uninstalls but it is a Trojan Key logger so it can’t be removed totally from your computer so we provided the removal tool, by this it can be removed totally from your PC.

Download: -  Ardamax Remover

Mantra Browser with in-built feature for Hacking

OWASP Mantra Browser for security Framework for penetration testers. Is the most recommended browser for hackers and penetration testers. It includes security framework which can be very useful to scan various web servers or websites for different attacks like SQL injection and XSS attacks.

OWASP Mantra is such an innovative product, a security framework built on top of a browser. Its cross platform, portable and can run out of the box. You can take it with you, where ever you go in absolutely any portable drive. Moreover, Mantra Browser can be used for both offensive security and defensive security related tasks which makes it incredible.

Mantra Browser Developed on the Firefox which is open source software by Mozilla with a security framework. Developers of Mantra security toolkit also provides various tools and add-ons which can be installed directly in the Mantra Browser. These Tools can help hackers or penetration testers to undergo some work. Mantra Browser is available for different Platforms - windows, linux32, linux64, Macintosh as well.

TOOLS and ADDONS available:-

OWASP Mantra is a powerful set of tools to make the attacker's task easier. The beta version of Mantra Security Toolkit contains following tools built onto it. Moreover Mantra follows the guidelines and structure of Fire CAT which makes it even more accessible. You can also always suggest any tools/ scripts that you would like see in the next release

1. Information Gathering Tools
2. Editors
3. Network Utilities
4. Application Auditing
5. Proxy-Anonymity
6. Miscellaneous

Go to the link for more information and download here.
Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trick to Get 1K+ Likes on Facebook

Here’s a trick to get maximum number of like of your status (more than 1000+) and make your friend surprised. This can be done without using any software or without knowing any programming language just simple basics of internet browsing is needed.

Here’s a proof below. I just got 1K+ likes on my status within 30mins.

Follow these simple steps

Step 1:
Go to your privacy Settings and change your Privacy Settings to Public.
Step 2:
Go here and Allow Subscribers.
Then click the Subsricbe button.

Now, the main step.
Just By Using Some Sites:-
These Site Use your Access Token And provide you mass amount of likes with the help of others access Tokens.
Huge Collection of sites to perform auto like Trick on Facebook Password:


My personal favourite websites are underlined. To copy the links and try it, open this doc file.

(If You use all these sites then i am sure you will get more than 10000+ likes :) )

Use these trick before Facebook Patches it. Some of the Site must not be working as they are banned or server must be down.

Please do share, hit like on our Facebook Fan Page. For latest Tricks, stay connected with us to learn latest tricks. If you have any problem, comment below and let me know.
Thursday, May 10, 2012

Image Worm: Hacks Images on Remote PC

Image hack a very popular worm to hack images on remote computer. So, I am posting Image Worm software developed by Nathan which you can use to hack images on remote computer. You can also use Winspy Keylogger to hack images on remote computer.

1. Download Image Worm software to hack images on friend’s computer.

2. Run the Image Worm software to see:

3. Now, select any image on your computer. This image will be used to replace all the images on victim computer i.e. all the images on your friend’s computer will be changed to your selected image.

4. After selecting the image, hit on “Build Worm” and Image worm will create a server.exe file in current directory.

Note: Do not run this server.exe file on your own computer.  If you want to try out on your computer, make sure you use Deep Freeze software before running server.exe file.

5. Now, bind the server.exe file with any other .exe file using FUD binder software, i have discussed about FUD binder before in my earlier posts. Send this binded file to your friend and ask him to run it on his computer. After running, our server.exe file will silently install itself on victim computer and all his images will be changed to your image selected in Step 3.

Thus, the image hacking software changes all images on victim computer. You are able to hack images on your friend’s computer thanks to Image Worm software.

Note: The server.exe file may take some time to hack images on remote computer. Also, on some computers, Image Worm is able to hack images present in “Pictures” folder. So, the working of Image worm to hack images varies according to computer.

So, I hope now you can hack images on your friend’s computer. I have tried this image hack and is working perfectly for me. If you have any problem in this tutorial to hack images on remote computer, please mention it in comments.

I have already created one software of the worm binded with Teracopy. Teracopy is a copy manager, where you can pause a copy and many more features. So, you tell your friend to install this software. Download it from here.

Enjoy Image Worm software to hack images on your friend’s computer…
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TheWallMachine: Fake Facebook Generator

Facebook the one social network, that has become a daily routine for you and also for your friends. If you would like a pull a Facebook prank on one of your friends or family members, a fun tool you could use is The Wall Machine.

The Wall Machine is a free and simple site that lets you create fake Facebook walls. Everything on these walls is customizable. You can create variety of different posts fake status, fake relationship status, fake friends, fake events and fake likes too.
Also you have the power to post comment as others, you simply need their full Facebook name and their profile picture. That’s it.
The fake wall post is published under a unique URL that has the “Fake Wall” stamp on it. But you can easily take a screenshot of the post and share it with your friends by fooling them.

Here’s a fake relationship status about me.

 Link of my Fake Wall

Enjoy, pranking your friends. Have fun..
Tuesday, May 1, 2012


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