How to Play Hidden Chess Game Inside Facebook Messenger

It just takes one simple step to unlock this hidden game.

All you need to do is: type "@fbchess play" and hit Enter, during a conversation, and a small square box would appear in the chat box.

Here's how to play: The person who initiated the game would be assigned "White" side, to make the first movement.

Although there is some standard algebraic notation like:-
B for “Bishop”
R for “Rook”
Q for “Queen”
K for “King”
N for “Knight”
P for “Pawn”

Pawn could be moved by issuing the simple commands with numbers.
For, e.g. If your first play would take the third pawn from the left and move it up one block, you would write: ‘@fbchess Pb4,’ or simply ‘@fbchess b4.'

You could refer to the help section by issuing the command "@fbchess help" for the possible commands to assist you throughout the game.

You can undo a move with "@fbchess undo" command or by clicking the "undo" button — but your opponent has to accept the request to undo. The game would also allow you to have a conversation during the game with your friend, resumes the game by issuing the game commands.

Note: It turns out that the commands are case sensitive. The board will update and notify you whether it is your turn to play.
Monday, February 1, 2016
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Hide the Last Seen Notification in WhatsApp

WhatsApp the most used smartphone app for texting and chatting has some features like "Last Seen Time". This basically tells the other users that you have checked their messages.
Unfortunately WhatsApp doesn’t allow options for Invisible or Offline like some other messaging services. This can be problematic for users who want to stay anonymous or for those who don’t what to chat with some people.

Download Now. Unfortunately, it’s not yet up on play store.

How to Use
  1. Download and install the Not Last Seen app from here (root not required).
  2. Open the app and enable ‘Block Last Seen!’
  3. Open the WhatsApp, now you will see the data connection went off automatically as soon as you open WhatsApp.
  4. Read and send the messages, then close the WhatsApp screen.
  5. Once you’re out of the WhatsApp screen, the data connection will enable automatically and will send the composed messages.

Similarly Facebook has "Seen" Notification on Facebook, if you have read the messages.

Note: No rooting required. Just download and install.
Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cloud Computing: Everything you need to know

Cloud Computing is the idea of computing as a utility. It is a technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access.

Cloud computing removes the need to purchase physical servers by providing these services over the web. Just need to create an account on Amazon Web Services and set up a virtual server (EC2) and data storage (S3) all your system via the internet. Pricing is usage-based, meaning that you pay for exactly the amount of computing power and data storage you use.

Companies that provide cloud computing services (Amazon, Microsoft, Google) purchase server farms themselves and then make money by charging users for access via the internet for computing power and data storage on their servers. This is a significant innovation because it's exponentially cheaper and more efficient for anyone to run a web application.

Cloud Computing is actually an umbrella term for three service models:
IAAS – Infrastructure as a Service
Provision of servers or virtual servers that companies can use on a pay-as-you-go basis.  An example of this is Amazon s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). 

PAAS – Platform as a Service
Includes a set of lower level services such as an operating system or computer language interpreter offered by a cloud provider on which developers can build custom applications. A few examples include OpenShift (Redhat), Cloud Foundry (VM Ware), Google App Engine.

SAAS – Software as a Service
Software that you access simply by navigating there in a web browser.  Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Docs are all examples of Saas.  People have been using Saas for a long time.

Why it matters?

In a nutshell, cloud computing is accessing business data on the fly anywhere with internet access, we already do that with our gmail or yahoo, just like that but with business app. Imagine the dynamic nature of this feature, only drawback "socially" is jobs, few large data center can manage a lot, and hardware consolidation will also be the key.
Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Use your Phone as a Keyboard and Mouse

Wi-Fi Mouse, is an Android app which transforms your phone/tablet into a wireless mouse, and keyboard using this app. Wi-Fi Mouse supports speech-to-text as well as multi-finger track pad gestures. It enables you to control your PC, MAC or HTPC effortlessly through a local network connection.

Compatible with XP/Windows/Mac OSX.

How to use Wi-Fi Mouse
1) Install Wi-Fi Mouse app from Google Play and install in your Android Phone/Tablet.
2) Then Download Mouse Server and install in your PC/Laptop
3) Run Mouse Server as Administrator.
4) Open Wi-Fi Mouse app in your Android phone and connect to the PC IP Address. It will take few seconds to connect, now enjoy your new touchpad, Mouse, Keyboard.

Note: Make sure your phone and PC/Laptop are in the same network and check Mouse Server is not blocked by Firewall.
Monday, April 29, 2013

Difference in Jailbreaking, Rooting and Unlocking

In this post, I will be explaining the basic of all these terms. This post was a request from our fans. Compared with laptop or desktop computers, the tablet devices and smart phones available and greatly limited. Jail breaking and Rooting and Unlocking been provided to bypass this protection and do what the device manufacturer wants you to do.

1) Jail Breaking

It is to delete or cancel the limitations set out in the device by the device manufacturer. Often used to Apple devices Karafun or iPad, for example, it allows you to use the programs, the third party (Aiit) and any from outside the Apple store. You can also change some of the most settings, such as changing the default browser, but the most important thing allowed is the installation of third party software is certified by Apple.

Also your tablet devices Microsoft Surface Rt, where you can install non-Microsoft software programs where it is in the original system of Surface RT only allows you to installation of programs certified by Microsoft.

2) Rooting

Rooting is to get the user permissions manager for a device, often root used to Android devices, but used also for systems based on UNIX system such as Nokia's previous Symbian. Gives root (admin) several powers such as deleting some original applications of the system, run some applications that need root access and more.

Cons of rooting, is that if the user does not know to deal with the system error may wipe some important files which cause damage to the system permanently.

NOTE: After rooting the device does not remain guaranteed by the seller any warranty you tend Warranty.

3) Unlocking

Some phones, data cards and others especially backed by telecommunications companies come "unlocked" so it comes only supportive of this company cards. When you enter the sim card of another company, it does not support. The unlocking (Open) can play another card on this phone if you are traveling or decided to change the company contact.

Note: Unlike with the former two types, the unlocking system is not related to what is good for each of the devices.

If you need any further help in Jail breaking, Rooting or Unlocking. Feel free to comment below or contact me.
Saturday, April 20, 2013

Google’s April Fool Pranks

The Google April Fool’s train continues this year too as always. And this time it has made people go crazy with specially “Google Nose”. Google makes it feel so legit, that you surely will fall for it.

YouTube is shutting down
YouTube claims that it will be no longer been accepting new entries. YouTube will select a winner on April 1st, 2013 and will delete everything else. YouTube will go back online in 2023 and will have a winning video and nothing else.

Check it out here.

Google Nose

With Google Nose, you’ll be able to stop and smell the roses, ghost, campfire and so on without having to stop a damned thing.

Try Google Nose Beta

Gmail Blue
Gmail Blue is just a version of Google’s email service where everything is the color blue.

Try Gmail Blue

Here’s a list of all the previous year’s Google pranks and hoaxes on wiki.
Enjoy fooling your friends. Happy April Fools Day…
Monday, April 1, 2013
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Transform your Windows Explorer into Chrome

Are you in love with Google Chrome? Then, you must try this.
Clover is just a tab management tool, but it is using the tab engine of the Google Chrome browser. Since Google Chrome is my favourite browser and it’s tab engine is  in my opinion – by far the smoothest, most stable tabs engine to date.

I found that I cannot do without it anymore and I recommend this little piece of software. I would like to thank ejie for creating such an amazing tool. Its shortcuts are same as Google Chrome.

Clover Features
Automatically transform your default Windows Explorer in Chrome tabbed style.
Drag and Drop files to another tab easily.
Create favorites location by drag and drop or Ctrl+D shortcut.
Put files in favourite bar just by drag and drop.
Show/Hide the favorite bar (We recommend to keep it visible).
Automatically check for updates (Which is the same as Chrome’s system).
Some Clover Screens

Soon Clover should support Themes and I hope the author will add the proxy configuration (for update system).

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


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