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Create Creative Facebook Timeline Profile

Facebook Timeline is now getting much more popular since, by adding two photos in your profile, the Cover Photo which acts as background and your profile picture. After Facebook Timeline became well known and used, Facebook users became creating some original and creative tricks like the images shown in this post using Photoshop. But very few of us know to use Photoshop. So, for those I have written this post to make their Creative Facebook Timeline profile.

1) Go to Tricked Out Timeline.
2) Select a Template to use, there are 4 available for now.
You can view examples before using it.
3) Upload tour photo then adjust.
4) Download and then upload on Facebook.

For more Facebook Cover Photos, click here. Also check out the Google+ Cover Photos here.
Enjoy and amaze your friends with a creative profile.
Friday, August 24, 2012

Google Plus Covers for your Profile

After Facebook introduced its Facebook Timeline which allowed users to add
Facebook Cover Photo for profiles and fan pages, Google also introduced Google Covers for the Google+ profiles and pages. The Google Covers are similar to that of the Facebook Timeline covers, but the profile picture is placed on the right side with a larger size. Here are some of the Most Popular Google+ Covers.

Check this site if you want to create your own Google+ Cover, fully customizable as good as using Photoshop.

Also some sites to get more Google+ covers.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

XUS Screen Lock [Free Full Version]

XUS PC Lock offers a new and fun way for you to lock your computer. You must be using this screen lock on your smartphones, and you have a feature to lock your computer is the similar fashion with more advanced features.

It supports Multiple Monitors and has Anti Key-Logger. XUS Dynamic Password Technology makes your computer more secure. This is the funniest, most customizable way to lock your computer. Having 3 built-in patterns: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 of your choice.

Also, be able to disconnect internet access when system is locked and a back up pattern feature. It has Auto-lock feature when Windows startup or in idle mode. It alerts if the incorrect pattern is entered a maximum times. Its completely customizable. Custom background image, and lots of customization options for the look of the locked screen. It is really awesome!

Download Now and have the power to control your system. I have provided the full version with key. Enjoy…!
Saturday, August 18, 2012

Send Free Fax from Internet

Fax is one of the best still-alive technology to send information that a paper contain. However, say you're at home and you need to send a fax. And you don’t have fax machine. So now you have to find a fax machine? Pay outrageous fees at the local copy shop? How about sending it for FREE and from Internet? This is very easy tutorial about How to Send Fax from Internet Free.

 How to Send Fax from Internet Free

1) Go to FaxZero, it gives around 5 Faxes per day.
2) Fill all the fields: -
Sender Information: - Name, Email.
Receiver Information: - Name, Fax# (International format).
3) After filling the info, Choose the files you want to send (you can send up to 3 Documents one time).
4) Click “Send Free Fax Now”.

Alternative Links:

Note: Most of these services offer a few free faxes initially, and then offer a paid service for further faxes. So make the best use of them in the need of urgency.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Android Wi-Fi Network Spoofer

Network Spoofer is a powerful networking app for Android devices that lets you spoof people on your network. Network Spoofer lets you mess with websites on other people’s computers – flip pictures, change Google searches, redirect websites, swap YouTube videos and many more features to come.

After downloading simply log onto a Wi-Fi network, choose a spoof to use and press start. Please note that there is no intention for Network Spoofer to include any malicious features.

This application is a fun demonstration of how vulnerable home networks are to simple attacks. Network Spoofer packs lots of prank-potential. Please use it responsibly, do not attempt to use Network Spoofer on any corporate or other non-residential networks. As the use of NS, will be considered malicious hacking by network administrators.

Note:- Your device must be rooted for Network Spoofer to work.

Download from here. Developed by Digitalsquid.

So have fun hacking into people's Wi-Fi. Enjoy…!
Friday, August 3, 2012


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