Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Facebook has recently added the option to inform the sender when the recipient opens and reads the message in chat box.

If you do not like this feature, or better if you do not want others to receive a notification each time you view their messages, now that a developer has thought of you. And in fact possible to prevent the Facebook' read receipt sending the message, thanks to an extension of Google Chrome.

Prevent this.

We're talking about FacebookUnseen, an extension on the newly launched Chrome Store by one of the developers, which protects the privacy of users and not allow others to know when we open and read their messages. Just so with embarrassing moments and situations on Facebook: read messages that you do not want to answer but you have to do it because the other person knows that you have received the message, situations where we do not want to know that we are connected on Facebook.

Facebook Unseen protects your privacy by preventing others from knowing when you have "seen" their messages. Facebook chat's new "seen at..." feature presents a real privacy concern for many users.  Take control of your privacy with this lightweight extension that prevents the sender of a message from knowing when you read it. 

-Turn on and off Facebook Unseen at any time.
-View how many messages have been "Unseen".
-Prevent awkward social interactions.

With this extension we can take up a piece of our privacy. If you have any trouble or any queries, comment and let me know. Like and share this page.

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