Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Are you in love with Google Chrome? Then, you must try this.
Clover is just a tab management tool, but it is using the tab engine of the Google Chrome browser. Since Google Chrome is my favourite browser and it’s tab engine is  in my opinion – by far the smoothest, most stable tabs engine to date.

I found that I cannot do without it anymore and I recommend this little piece of software. I would like to thank ejie for creating such an amazing tool. Its shortcuts are same as Google Chrome.

Clover Features
Automatically transform your default Windows Explorer in Chrome tabbed style.
Drag and Drop files to another tab easily.
Create favorites location by drag and drop or Ctrl+D shortcut.
Put files in favourite bar just by drag and drop.
Show/Hide the favorite bar (We recommend to keep it visible).
Automatically check for updates (Which is the same as Chrome’s system).
Some Clover Screens

Soon Clover should support Themes and I hope the author will add the proxy configuration (for update system).

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