Saturday, April 20, 2013

In this post, I will be explaining the basic of all these terms. This post was a request from our fans. Compared with laptop or desktop computers, the tablet devices and smart phones available and greatly limited. Jail breaking and Rooting and Unlocking been provided to bypass this protection and do what the device manufacturer wants you to do.

1) Jail Breaking

It is to delete or cancel the limitations set out in the device by the device manufacturer. Often used to Apple devices Karafun or iPad, for example, it allows you to use the programs, the third party (Aiit) and any from outside the Apple store. You can also change some of the most settings, such as changing the default browser, but the most important thing allowed is the installation of third party software is certified by Apple.

Also your tablet devices Microsoft Surface Rt, where you can install non-Microsoft software programs where it is in the original system of Surface RT only allows you to installation of programs certified by Microsoft.

2) Rooting

Rooting is to get the user permissions manager for a device, often root used to Android devices, but used also for systems based on UNIX system such as Nokia's previous Symbian. Gives root (admin) several powers such as deleting some original applications of the system, run some applications that need root access and more.

Cons of rooting, is that if the user does not know to deal with the system error may wipe some important files which cause damage to the system permanently.

NOTE: After rooting the device does not remain guaranteed by the seller any warranty you tend Warranty.

3) Unlocking

Some phones, data cards and others especially backed by telecommunications companies come "unlocked" so it comes only supportive of this company cards. When you enter the sim card of another company, it does not support. The unlocking (Open) can play another card on this phone if you are traveling or decided to change the company contact.

Note: Unlike with the former two types, the unlocking system is not related to what is good for each of the devices.

If you need any further help in Jail breaking, Rooting or Unlocking. Feel free to comment below or contact me.

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