Sunday, January 8, 2012

The threats of viruses on social networks, as demonstrated by the latest attack by hackers on Facebook, is one of the most debated issues. If you do not have valid antivirus software you can be in problems. Just open an infected file and the problems begin. E.g.:- Spam site or Facebook links that say “You won’t dare to see this.” And many more such links.

And social networks are certainly not immune to malicious software.  Users, in fact, must pay careful attention to applications installed on it and click on such links.

The presence of a virus with specific functions for ad-hoc social networks is therefore recommended. Especially for inexperienced (dumb) users.

With today's post, I would refer you Safege BitDefender, a good antivirus developed specifically for social networks, able to protect both your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Its use is simple and intuitive, because once you have access to its homepage (the link is BitDefender Safego bottom of the post), you must decide between protecting social networks Facebook and Twitter.

In the next step you will be asked permission for the use and application, following the appearance of a page offers various information about your profile.

After launching the application, you must verify the presence of infected items whether to display the green checkmarks mean that everything is in order. On the left side of your screen, you can see a lot of information, such as statistics and privacy. The last entry will indicate whether there are any abnormalities, note being scanned. To make a new control, you need to do a simple click on the "New Control ".

In short, Safego BitDefender lets you choose the type of protection you have to have on Facebook / Twitter with a lot of careful analysis of their profile, for viruses, malicious links and potential spam messages.

On a personal note, Bitdefender Safego is an interesting resource for protecting personal data and privacy along with your own social network and is compatible with any device including smartphones and tablets.

Start protecting your accounts now. Link to use:  BitdefenderSafego


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