Monday, January 2, 2012 is a browser-based editor for HTML5, JavaScript and other modern browser technologies. It lets you run your code in the browser and you can fork other people's code too.

It offers both, vivid environment for developers to showcase their trendy works on JavaScript and HTML5, as well as community to share their codes and learn from each other. That's why they call their community 'a coding avenue'.

Those who are developers this site will be a great potential to them. And those interested in open web and open source and from time to time, I stumble upon this kind of brilliant and potent open source resources / platforms.

Take a tour to yourself. You can also test your skills of HTML5 through their CAT (Coding Assignment Test).

Most of the HTML5 developers at are Japanese. It is still a small place on the web with about 10,000 users who are Japanese mainly. 

Example: Check this out. 

Also the HTML5 Fireworks.

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