Saturday, January 14, 2012

ADrive is a new online storage service. If you have photos, videos, music and non-confidential documents you want to save, you can use ADrive to keep a backup copy online, useful in case of data loss or problems with your disks.

With robust security and plenty of storage space, ADrive is a decent online storage service that executes its main function of online data storage superbly. The service lacks some of the features and in-depth functionality you’d find on some of other higher-ranked online storage services, but a unique integrated editor and strong focus on security make ADrive a compelling option.

  • There are features of society such as
  • There are no tools for uploading, but everything happens from web interface.
  • There are no tools for automatic backup.
  • Java is necessary to use web interface to upload.
  • 50GB is plenty of room.
  • The ability to upload entire folders.
  • The speed of upload / download is very good
  • The interface is simple, clear and immediate
  • You can share individual files.
  • A built-in editor that allows you to edit documents without downloading them on any computer.

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