Sunday, March 18, 2012

You might get caught in many situations where you have to break in to the privacy of your boyfriend/girlfriend or any of your family members just to make sure, nothing is wrong with their life & eventually yours too!

Whether it is a doubt about your child getting with wrong group of friends or about your girlfriend or wife having affair or whatsoever reason, you might want to spy in to their phones.

There is an amazing Android App I would like to share which keeps your stress away by spying the smartphone – Spy That Phone.

Spy That Phone is an android app that is not just easy to install on mobile phone of victim but also to access their personal data like – calls, sms, and web history.

All you have to do is install the spy app on mobile phone of your victim and app will start giving you all data on web account.

How it works
1. Download & Install the app on victim’s phone who you wish to spy on to. (Only for Android Smartphone’s)
2. You’ll get information about logging in to web interface. Just use your login ID & password and you are in to your control panel, where you can see all the spied information.
3. Now you can check all Call logs with details on timing, number, call duration also you can read the sms sent and received and the web history too.

Benefits of using Spy That Phone App
1. The App is highly impossible to get detected by victim or by any program. There are no traces left on smartphone at all.
2. App is very stable & No force close or any errors that goes suspicious due to app. You can trust 100% on its stability.
3. Logs are stored on cloud. So you don’t have to store it somewhere on your PC or mobile. You can get access to all logs anytime & anywhere with the help of internet connection.

I have used this app personally & trust me there is no better spy mobile app that will manage all your worries at such a low investment.


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