Monday, March 19, 2012

Flood your victim’s chat box with a single message being repeated over and over again on a single click. Facebook Chat Hacker (FCH) is a fun program to prank people on Facebook. Imagine your friend's Facebook getting a million new chat messages! Their chat box is jumping and overflowing!

Before you run FCH, make sure you are logged in and ready to write in the chat box. FCH uses the Send Key command, meaning it types just like you would type on a keyboard, except the computer does it itself.

Check out this video.

Press the start button when you want FCH to start typing, when you want it to stop, press the stop button. The message in his/her chat box will annoy your victim.

Below is an example how it looks.

Make sure the cursor in the chat box is flashing before you start. Otherwise, your computer will go crazy.

Note:- Don’t use it too much, if someone reports it to Facebook, your account will be deactivated.

Download chat hacker NEW v2.0 here.

Enjoy troubling your friend’s on Facebook.


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