Wednesday, February 1, 2012

With the Google Panda update, it’s more important than ever to produce quality content to your blog or any website. Providing valuable content keeps people coming back, increasing traffic, comments to your post, even new customers.

But what to do when you don’t have much time to write? As most of the time I am busy with my work and don’t get time for my blog and end up losing traffic. So, I am sharing some tips which I follow and keep my customers up to date and my blog traffic to an exponential growth. Anyone can use these three simple ways to make a post that tend to rank very well on Google.

>You can simple create a podcast or a series of video posts. The process of creating a podcast or video is fairly simple. Just record it, and share it. As most of the readers prefer to listen or watch rather than read.

>Another way is to create an infographic. is a very cool tool that let you make your own infographic or just find one you like and embed it to your site. As you have seen most of the Mashable posts use this technique. I highly recommended this method.

>A “round-up” post provides your readers a quick summary of various sources and also what’s hot on the web. It also takes an extremely small amount of effort. This post might be a little set of things you’ve spotted on the web during the past few weeks, all on one topic, that may keep your post interesting and grab reader attention.

A roundup contains only two components:
1) A brief intro to tell your readers how the roundup is “packaged.”
2) Direct url from several sources.

Few tips to write a Round up Posts:
Choose a variety of sources – To keep your post interesting to many of your readers as possible, include links to text-based content, videos, audios, and images.
Pick a single topic - Round-up posts works fine when all the links you include are related to one topic. Don’t create a round-up by just giving many links to your favorite blog posts or any website from the week and also just don’t copy content from other sites.

Try to write a round-up post every week, you may find you and your readers enjoy it so much that you make it a regular part of your blogging routine.
Hope you find these ways effective for your blog/website.


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