Friday, April 8, 2011

Microsoft's Windows Intune is a Cloud-computing based service meant for PC management and protection from virtually anywhere. Though it's Cloud-based, Windows Intune interface is accessible via all major Web Browsers that support Microsoft Silverlight plug-in. One can manage the PC systems and take action against the alerts from anywhere and while on the move. Only an internet connection is required and the client system should have the 17MB initiation package installed on it. 

Since it is a cloud-based service, Windows Intune offers PC management, Inventory reports, licensing management, assets tracking, deploying Microsoft updates as well as patches and quickly addressing security issues in the client system.

Microsoft Windows Intune management console connects the account holder to the Cloud computing based services that fetches notifications, alerts, reports and reminders about the issues existing in the client computers. A simple web browser with Microsoft Silverlight support is usable to get the Windows Intune console after Windows Live login. One must download and install the client software program on the client computer to let it connect with the Windows Intune management console.

Windows Intune helps managing and securing PCs with the help of Windows 7 and Windows Cloud based services. With this web-based management console one can,

- Manage system updates and patches
- Protect computers from malware
- Monitor the computers
- Provide remote assistance
- Track report of hardware and software inventory
- Set security policies
- Efficient software and hardware reporting
- Alerts management 

Cloud-computing based services are going to take India by storm. Small, medium and large business would be able to optimize their productivity and resolve day-to-day IT issues quickly with Windows Intune. 

Windows Intune's web based console requires Silverlight plug-in supporting web browser. At this moment, no mobile web browser supports Silverlight by default except Skyfire mobile web browser. So one needs to install and use the latest Skyfire mobile browser to access and use the Windows Intune console on the go. 

Microsoft Windows Intune is usable and available for Managing Services Providers as well as the end users. You can always register at for a free 30-day trial of Windows Intune and get a hang of cloud-based PC management. 


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