Saturday, September 4, 2010

Have you tried searching your name on search engines like Google or Yahoo? You might be surprised when you see results that shows your Facebook profile, this is assuming that you already have an account though. If this is an issue where is related to pricay then please consider reading this article. It will guide you on how to make your Facebook profile private and unsearchable on search engines.
In order to hide your profile from search engines, do the steps below.

1. Login to Facebook so you can make necessary changes to your settings.

2. Navigate/Go to Privacy Settings under Settings menu on upper right corner of Facebook.

3. Select Search option under Privacy choices.

4. Deselect the selection "Create a public search listing for me and submit it for search engine indexing." It is checked by default. This selection tells the search engines to include your profile page on their search and craled sites.

5. Finally, Press Save Changes which is just below the options you unchecked on step 4.

That should do the work! Take not that it will take time to update search engine databases so you will have to wait in about 2 weeks to a month before your profile becomes invisible on search engines directory.That's all you have to do. thank you for reading.


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