Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hi friends I have several days of crippling google internet ip blocking my view the solution reached by the method of problem today, in fact, a method we all know, a little configuration, hosts are able to access all Google services without interruption. Not only that google searches which fitted the cause of the address engelinide are lifting so that your calls are inserted from happening, and the results to propose, you mean you properties of reuse can be whatever prolix without you this trouble recovered from a let.
\ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc directory and get into [the secret files, view open and known file extensions, hide the feature you remove (the folder options menu)] hosts file in notepad with the open and your localhost line to the bottom.

Codes to add and save you. Txt extension, as will register a notebook you that the extension can delete only the hosts are doing the file name and directory back into the original file and are changing the issue is solved now google analystic use sites without becoming caught walking to the google searches in a healthy manner will be able to ..
Without dealing with the code ready, click to download the hosts file (the code is continuously updated, so it is recommended that you set manually.)

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