Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hi Guys ! I am posting this article for those who use pirated softwares. Because this is the time to stop using pirated softwares. You can't even imagine what your loss can be if you are using your PC for professional purposes. 

Usually we download softwares from various forums/boards which provides cracks or keygens. These keygens are not only keygens but most of the time small server programs (hack tool) which transfers your sensitive data over internet to someone. If you are using Windows Firewall , it is quite easy to bypass the windows firewall. you won;t be able to know that your data is being sent over the internet. and Same thing goes for the CRACKS also. Spreading trojans is quite easy by providing game cracks or some full screen applications. Because user won't be able to know what is going on behind the fullscreen. So beware of using cracks and keygens. Your antivirus may or may not detect such malware. Now a days viruses are created more rapidly than detected.

Another MOST DANGEROUS HACKING TECHNIQUE is quite undetectable. You know what are you type in browser's address bar is resolved by your ISP's Domain Name Servers. What if your request goes to a hackers's machine first and then goes to ISP. Yes, this is possible a simple VBSCRIPT or WSH Script can do the trick. you won't be able to know that you are being watched or you are being traced. No firewall or no anti-hacking tool wil help you. Usually such scripts might be available as registration scripts for some kind of softwares.

Now About Windows XP users, this operating system's services are available through internet which can be very dangerous. Do you that by default you are all drives are ready to share data over network. Another thing is TERMINAL SERVICES which allows multiple users on a single machine. It means if you are working on your machine, if someone can log in to your machine remotely and you won't be alerted.

If you are downloading Operating Systems from Internet. Then take care that you download from trusted sources only. Cause it is very easy to embed some tracking code into your OS Images which can not be detected later on by any security software. 

If you are using LINUX Operating Systems, it is highly recommeded that you use the softwares from trusted sources only otherwise you can be hacked or can cause damage to your machine.

Another good hacking tool is sniffer which is used by network administrator. It scans the network traffic and can filter sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers etc. So if you are using credit cards at cafes so beware. you can be victim.


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