Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well this is not a new thing which i am going to post here and i have been using this method from last 2 years but today when D3 posted this in oug i thought i should share it here with you people also.

You can use your one gmail to make different accounts at forums etc.
ofcourse there are some temp mail services but they are usually black listed

so here goes.

If your email address is then you can use it like

1. – the normal one
2. – googlemail one
3. – add dots, add dots at differnt places to make different combinations
4. – add a + and after that write anything.

using any of the methods above will send mail to your own account. I personally prefer the last one since it gives me unlimited addresses. also this way i can track if any site sold my email address to someone.

e.g if i register at warez-bb with and i get some spam mail on it. i’ll know they sold it.

This little tip can be very useful sometimes.. all depends on how you want to use it

Thanks for reading my post. Please let me know if you want to share something on this via comments.


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