Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tired of slow Wi-Fi connection in your area? I have a solution, which will help you to increase your net speed. Many people don’t know about this tool so if you tell it to others, It will be of waste after some time , so keep it up to you only.

When most of you go to a free public Wi-Fi connection or even paid but get angered of so many people using the Wi-Fi that you hardly get any speed, then what this software does is that it uses a vulnerability in ARP protocol and gives you the list of all the people who are connected to Wi-Fi right now. Then you can cut anyone of their connection or even all and enjoy the Wi-Fi Alone! The software name is NETCUT, Google it to know more about it.

And here I already uploaded it for you guys and I verified its working, so next time when you are at an airport or any public Wi-Fi connection, just cut everybody's connection and enjoy alone with a huge speed! Enjoy…

Download NetCut Now.


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