Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fax is one of the best still-alive technology to send information that a paper contain. However, say you're at home and you need to send a fax. And you don’t have fax machine. So now you have to find a fax machine? Pay outrageous fees at the local copy shop? How about sending it for FREE and from Internet? This is very easy tutorial about How to Send Fax from Internet Free.

 How to Send Fax from Internet Free

1) Go to FaxZero, it gives around 5 Faxes per day.
2) Fill all the fields: -
Sender Information: - Name, Email.
Receiver Information: - Name, Fax# (International format).
3) After filling the info, Choose the files you want to send (you can send up to 3 Documents one time).
4) Click “Send Free Fax Now”.

Alternative Links:

Note: Most of these services offer a few free faxes initially, and then offer a paid service for further faxes. So make the best use of them in the need of urgency.

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