Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Facebook the one social network, that has become a daily routine for you and also for your friends. If you would like a pull a Facebook prank on one of your friends or family members, a fun tool you could use is The Wall Machine.

The Wall Machine is a free and simple site that lets you create fake Facebook walls. Everything on these walls is customizable. You can create variety of different posts fake status, fake relationship status, fake friends, fake events and fake likes too.
Also you have the power to post comment as others, you simply need their full Facebook name and their profile picture. That’s it.
The fake wall post is published under a unique URL that has the “Fake Wall” stamp on it. But you can easily take a screenshot of the post and share it with your friends by fooling them.

Here’s a fake relationship status about me.

 Link of my Fake Wall

Enjoy, pranking your friends. Have fun..

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