Friday, September 9, 2011

Facebook scams are getting smarter - with the latest attack using the lure of a free T-shirt celebrating Facebook's birthday and get Free INR 50 recharge for your cell, in an attempt to steal the secret backdoor key to your account.
These offers seems very attractive enough – it’s just a webpage providing you such free offers and all they ask is you to verify that you are a Facebook user. These webpage tells you to visit Facebook Mobile, and find on that page the personalized email address that you can use to post status updates or upload photos and videos straight to your profile from your mobile through mail.

Many of the Facebook users are unaware of this external upload through mobile. But this is a private email-id that Facebook provides for each user.

Free INR 50 recharge makes it so real that most of my friends have fallen for this scam. They tell to insert your mobile number and they send a verification code to your mobile, this makes users believe that it is actually true. In real no one gets a recharge of INR 50.

Thus the scammers, unsurprisingly, gain your private mobile email address for Facebook. And they keep posting the post as the one above and this one below saying:-

So, if you have fallen for this follow the below steps.

Refresh your Facebook Mobile upload email address
  • Go to Facebook Mobile
  • You should be able to see your Facebook Mobile upload address. Beneath it you should also see an option to "Find out more".
  • Click it, and a screen like the following should pop up.
  • On this page you will find an option to refresh your mobile email address - but note! Facebook warns that you can only refresh it a limited number of times.

Note:-If you don't change your mobile email address on Facebook, you're just asking for trouble.

Also in the past they have been a lot of scams and spams on Facebook. Such as
See who has viewed your Facebook profile? (Scam) ~ inferno19

So all I say be aware where you post your private details, know about the website and everything about it before entering your details.

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