Friday, August 19, 2011

Today I am sharing you my secret how I earn some easy money.
But this is just a way of showing you how I make extra money for buying stuff online and paying for these sites hosting costs. All you need is internet to be accessed once in a day.
If you are one of those people and let the information collect virtual dust on your
Computer then it could be a very long time indeed before you make any money.
Thought + Action = Results!


1. First you will need a or account, these are where you will receive the money you make.
2. Then you need a account, this is the site where you earn the money from.
3. Now login to your Neobux account and click the View Advertisements link at the top right. You will see about 4 ads.
4. Click the blue text of one ad, then click the red button that shows up and a new window should appear with a loading bar on top. Wait until the loading bar at the top is full and it says "Advertisement Validated".
5. You just made $0.01! That is not a lot of money, so this is where getting referrals comes into play.
6. You can refer people to do the same thing you are doing, but since you referred them, that means you get money for their clicks. With many referrals you can start making $10 or more a day.
7. How do you get referrals? Give them your referral link which you get from logging in and going HERE, or renting referrals, which you do by paying 25 cents per referral and you will keep them for 30 days. If you refer them yourself you keep them forever, so try for that instead of renting.
8. Also, the only way you get credit for your referral clicks is to click ALL of your own ads EVERYDAY, so be sure to do that.

Done! You are now ready to start making some easy money!

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  1. Yes it is. Only thing is that you have to spend some time on the sites provided by Neobux.



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