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The latest social networking sensation, Google+, has already gained initial appraisals from early users. Although the service is still being served on invitation basis, Google team has recorded incredible response from people across the world.

Just like many other social networking sites, Google+ has its own new options, concepts and features, which may not be known to everyone who uses the internet. So, here’s the ultimate list of tweaks, hacks, tips and tricks for you to enjoy the experience of new social site from 

How to update your Facebook status via G+ without any extension

1. Login to Facebook. 
2. Go to 
Facebook Mobile 
3. Copy your unique e-mail adress. 
4. Go to Circles on Google+
5. Add the facebook e-mail address to a new circle (Mine is called "Update Facebook")
6. When you want to post to Facebook just include the circle. 


Photos don't get uploaded to Facebook.

Links seem to be parsed ok but thumbnails are not created.
There is a character limit!

How to update your Facebook Page via Google+
1. Login to Facebook 
2. Go to your page
3. Click on Edit Page
4. Click on Mobile 
5. Copy the unique e-mail address
6. Go to Circles on Google+ 
7. Add the e-mail address to a new circle (The name of your page should work)
8- When you want to post to your page just include the circle

When you’re reading your stream
Click on your *Inbox circle on the left side of the stream. This will give you a more manageable amount of content than the Stream link, which for many people is already a fire hose of random stuff, most of which might not be that interesting. You may want to make a couple other circles for reading different topics. I have a separate *Inbox: Web News circle where I read a few popular technical bloggers.

Upload Facebook Photos to Google+
If you want to share Facebook photos with Google+ friends, follow the simple steps -
Request Facebook to send your pictures to the email account. Link
Use Googlecl to upload your photos and images to Picasa.
That’s it! Use your Picasa pictures to share with Google+ friends.

Turn Off Circles Sharing
Robbin Millette shared another cool trick to avoid people from looking into the list of people in your Circles.
Head to your profile page at then click Edit Profile, hit the “In (Your)’s circles” and change “who can see this”.

Browser Integration for Google+
If you’re using Google Chrome browser, install Surplus plugin to integrate Google+ inside the browser. Download Link
Once you install this plugin, Google+ notifications will be displayed beside the address bar of your browser.

Top 100 Most Popular Google+ Users
In case you want to add popular and inspirational people in your Circle, check the Google+ statistics here.

Google+ SMS Updates
Facebook and Twitter folks are already offering SMS facility to post their updates, pictures, videos etc. on respective sites, which has got great response from mobile phone users. Now, Google+ users can also post quick updates on their new social site via SMS services. This service is officially available in India as well as United States and will hopefully roll out worldwide in upcoming weeks.

How to enable Google+ SMS feature?
Head over to Google+ Settings – and provide appropriate phone no. along with the country name.
Click on the “Send verification code” button.
Put your received verification code in the given field.
Now, enable notifications and other settings as per your need.

Short URL for Google+ Profile
Here’s another cool service, which allows you to have a short URL for Google+ profile –

Google+ Search
Google+ doesn’t have any feature to search old posts or people who have shared similar content on the site. Rich Knight has created a quick search page for those who want more Google+ insights. Try it here.

Must Have:- Google+ Ultimate
Google+ Ultimate is a Google Plus extension for Chrome, which will help you customize and add more functionality to your simple profile. All you have to do is install and enable this extension on your Chrome browser. Click on the download link to see the features it offers.
Download Google+ Ultimate.

That’s it for now!
I will update this post with more Google+ tricks and hacks. For Google+ Cheat Codes (Shortcuts) thanx to Simon Laustsen click here.

And oh, if you haven’t joined it yet, do comment below with your appropriate Gmail id. I would definitely try to send an invite for Google+ account.


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