Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sell products in exchange for Tweets and Facebook Wall posts!

This is a new approach of drawing visitors to your site. Earlier, if you were a pro, you could use all the techniques to work on search engine optimization, spam the discussion boards, and send e-mails and what not. If you didn’t know anything about SEO and marketing, you only had an option to invest a lot of money to make your page known. Well, now it would seem that there’s another way for both the newcomers and specialists.

When I visited Turns out, their services were free. So that’s a start.
 Basically, they are offering a button to insert on your site and that offers something (an e-book, mp3, artwork or anything else) for a price of a post on Twitter or Facebook. The button logs into your account and posts a message to visit the site. So the visitor’s friends can see it. And if they push the button, the friends of the friends of the visitor can see it. It spreads like a virus, but
doesn't bring harm to anyone. Instead, more potential customers come to the site.

That bought me. I really, really do love every single portion of it. The idea seems banal, but it looks like nobody has thought of this before. But does it work?
It’s a win-win situation for the webmaster (who gets an outrageously high increase in visits) and the customers (who get something for free). Here’s to for more innovative ideas!


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