Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Facebook's self-professed goal is to create a system where people can share information. Two days ago, however, they removed the "share" link from a few features. For instance, if you see a friend's status update that's cool, you can "like" it but you can't share it anymore. Previously, if you clicked on share, it would show up in your status update as "Your name via Friend's Name Whose Status You Shared". Now, if you allow it to in your settings, once you like something, it will only show up on your wall as something you like. 

Basically any post, photo, video, or link you Like on Facebook would get the Share functionality as well so that you can share it with others. In a way, it s just going to increase the noise by duplication of same post. To Like something on Facebook is very different from sharing it with others.  Marketers and publishers would certainly admire the new Share functionality of the Like button since the audience will be anticipated to like and share the content. 
Like a.k.a. Share

The new feature has its own set of merits and demerits. The merit lies is that users can share whatever they like with others after hitting the Like button. But the demerit lies in the fact that just because one hits the Like button it doesn't mean users wants to share it with his/her friends. In fact, just like several complain about certain users hitting Like button for everything possible, it just becomes difficult to judge accurately whether the purpose was served or not.

This seems logical because the prevalence of both the Like and the Share button makes Facebook activity a little redundant. However, I am hoping that you can control what type of content will show up as a post on your page when you hit like and what doesn't, without insulting your friends too much of course.

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