Sunday, February 6, 2011

Google today released a newer version of their web browser Chrome taking it to version 9.0.597.84. In this new version, Google is adding support for WebGL, Chrome Instant and Chrome Web Store. 

With WebGL, you can have hardware accelerated 3D graphics inside your web browser without the need for any plugins. You can try out some demos to see what you can achieve with this new feature.

With Chrome Instant, websites start loading as soon as you start typing the URL in the address bar. Think of it as Google Instant, but instead of search results the browser is actually loading websites as you type. Depending upon the search engine you have selected in Chrome, you will see search results as you type as well. 

The Chrome Web Store, which was limited only to the beta release so far, is now available to all the users. A shortcut to the store can be found on the new tab page and the browser will also come with two sample apps, which will automatically uninstall themselves if unused. 

Of course, as with every new update, this one also adds a slight bump in browsing speed as well as bug fixes. 

Chrome 9 runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You can download it from Google's web site, but if you're running a previous version of Chrome, your browser will be updated automatically

Specially check out the chrome experiments from the demos link above. 


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