Thursday, December 16, 2010

Face Recognition technology developed in-house to group similar faces together and make tagging simpler.

Facebook proudly boasts of getting millions of photos uploaded per day compared to photo-upload and sharing service - Flickr. After uploading hundreds of photos, it becomes difficult to tag all your friends. To make that task easier, Facebook has announced new Tag Suggestions feature that automatically suggests who (out of your contacts) should be tagged in the photo from a group of similar photos. 

This feature makes use of Face Recognition technology to group similar looking faces together. Facebook would be rolling out this feature for US region by next week. 

Popular social network Facebook is one of the most favorite hangout for youngsters and an online junction to connect for many. As of now, tagging multiple photos can be a time consuming task. 
With the new Tag Suggestions feature, thanks to Facebook's Face Recognition technology developed in-house, it will automatically show similar photos to be tagged, as soon as you upload a new batch. This is how it is supposed to work.

Suppose you upload photos of your recent college reunion on Facebook. When you wish to tag them, Facebook will groups similar faces together from the photos uploaded and show them with 'Who is this?' suggestion. 

All you need to do is click on the name of the friend who is in the photo and hit Save to tag all photos of that friend at once. That will tag multiple photos of that friend from the freshly uploaded batch. 

Facebook also offers tag notifications which show up when you get tagged by your friends. As an option you can un-tag yourself from those photos anytime. Just in case you don't want your name to be suggested for tagging to your friends, you ll have to make necessary changes in the Privacy Settings. Go to Privacy Settings, click on "Customize Settings" and toggle the options for "Suggest photos of me" to friends.  

Apple has been using Face Recognition technology in their iLife software suite. Let's hope Facebook's attempt at doing the same is as impressive if not better.

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